Falling asleep at the wheel is obviously extremely dangerous to the driver, passengers and all other road users. The majority of motorists want to be responsible drivers by making sure they avoid alcohol and don’t exceed the speed limit, but tiredness isn’t always given the same consideration. Tips for staying awake behind the wheel Rest

How To Prepare Your Car For The Winters

Caring for your car can be challenging, if you are not fully cognizant of the basics. Throw in the winter season and the challenge can easily turn into a nightmare. Different parts such as the paint, tyres and engine can be damaged if not properly protected against winter elements. Irrespective of the vehicle or type

Advantages & Disadvantages Of E-Vehicles

Electrical vehicles are the next best thing. Although it is a relatively new concept, it is gaining attention. Most of the automobile companies are opting to design their cars either on the concept of electric vehicles or a hybrid car that can help the consumer and the environment.  Advantages of E-Vehicles: No gas required –
With fuel prices increasing with every passing day and even reaching record highs, fuel efficiency has become a hot topic. People have even started considering shifting to smaller cars which provide better mileage in order to avoid burning a hole in their pocket. While it is true that a bigger car generally consumes more gas
Many people face the dilemma of deciding where to give their Car for repair. While there are a large number of Service Centres and Garages, this only adds to the problem. For car owner’s, finding a Trustworthy Mechanic is of immense importance. A car is a long term investment and any car owner would want

Top 5 Cars for a Road Trip In India

There’s no better feeling than just packing your bags, leaving your worries behind and hitting the road to go on a trip, be it with your buddies or family. With new and improved roads, and a bevy of amazing locations that are accessible only by road, road tripping has become a very popular form of
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