Our love for your Car is intimate. Some think, it’s erotic…we know we suffer from OCDD (Obsessive Compulsive Detailing Disorder)

We all love our cars. (Y)our proudest moment is when the car is new and looks its best. The car is however subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog, all of which can affect the best kept piece of art. We can however restore it to top condition.

CLEANING: Bubble Bath Packages

We all love to get a Bubble Bath…then why deprive your car? That’s why at CarZ, we’ve painstakingly developed a system of car wash that we are proud of…and we call it Bubble Bath. The Bubble Bath car wash uses advanced car wash equipment imported from Germany, soft cloth and only biodegradable and non-toxic products, friendly to your car and the environment.

Shiny Bubbles: Basic wash to tingle your baby’s senses.

  • Foam & rinse vehicle exterior
  • Clean glass – exterior
  • Clean & dress tyres
  • Air & towel wipe body
  • Takes 10-15 minutes

Glittery Bubbles: Full service wash to treat your baby to the very best!

  • Foam and rinse vehicle exterior
  • Under-body wash
  • Clean all wheel arches
  • Clean engine area
  • Clean & dress tyres
  • Clean glass & windows – inside & outside
  • Dust Dash & side panels
  • Vacuum carpet & boot area
  • Air & towel wipe body
  • Takes about 25-30 minutes

POLISH & PROTECT: Complete protection for your car!

In association with WURTH, Germany, we offer a variety of services to protect your car’s interior, exterior, various rubber / plastic / fabric / leather and mechanical components from wear & damage due to regular use or natural elements such as rain, sun, heat, cold etc.

Under-body Anti-rust Treatment

Application areas include Under Chassis, Sill Panels, Wheel Arches, Front & Back under chassis Parts (except fuel tank and exhaust system).

Protects against stone chipping

Seals & deadens droaning noise

Expensive tin work / painting avoided

No spray mist. Does not drip or sag

Prevents corrosion due to water and road salt

Body Cavity Waxing

This service involves treatment of all the internal cavities of the doors, windows, frames, boot, runner board, bonnet and screens where undercoating cannot reach.

Contains corrosion inhibitors, prevents and stops corrosion

Infiltrates and dries out humidity

Components being affected by corrosion are sealed

Paint Protection / Restoration Treatment / Teflon Coating

This service involves treatment of all the internal cavities of the doors, windows, frames, boot, runner board, bonnet and screens where undercoating cannot reach.

Safely removes light scratches, stains & other paint imperfections

Restores natural shines

Gives brilliant wet look appearance

Protects from Oxidation and UV rays

Protects from fading of exterior surfaces, Bumpers, & Rubber parts

Engine Laquering

involves a meticulous application of poly urethane based coatings over the engine to increase its longevity.

Reduced friction between engine components

Prevents dis-coloration of engine parts

Protection against the dust & weathering

Very good temporature stability

Gives new shine to your engine

Air-conditioning System Disinfect

Germ-free air is very important for staying healthy and comfortable. A poorly maintained Air Conditioning system can lead to propagation of many germs which can cause various allergies and disorders. This can be due to the increased moisture in the AC vents as there is continuous flow of cool air and also due to darkness. AC disinfection is very important in this regard to keep your car free of bacteria, fungi and other harmful organisms.

Prevents all air-borne illnesses

Reduces musty odours

Assured germ-free system

Increased longevity of the system

Sound Proofing

Application areas include Door panels, Boot, Bonnet and internal still areas.

Reduces sound & vibrations considerably

Good to use on Speakers

Good temporature resistance

Interior Beautification

Gives fresh new appearance to the interiors

Cleans Carpets, Upholstery, Dash Board, Plastic & Rubber surfaces

Gives hygenic and long losting naturally enriched appearance

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